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Tutorial for modern approaches in forming both the team and HR brand of the company

Next class: 13 and 15 October 2020 ONLINE

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16-17 July 2020 MODERN MANAGER
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01 - About

"The service starts not with caring for the clients, but with caring for the employees..."

Your business has grown, despite all. But you cannot sleep at night living the problems related to the growth – lack of staff, lack of understanding of what is going on in the team and how to manage it… Your business is developing intuitively, however, the system of work with personnel is missing. Anyway, it’s so complicated and why is it needed?

  • Your employees somehow do not match your expectations of an ideal team
  • You lost faith in your personnel as you have to do everything yourself
  • You realize that to achieve the next development stage you need knowledge and instruments on personnel management, at least to supervise decisions and actions of your HR
  • You want to know how to keep the balance between CARING for people and risk to lose CONTROL over the personnel

We also believe that when employees are happy at workplace they deliver happiness to the client.

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Find the balance

02 - Cases

Are you now ready to shape the employee experience in your company?

We have gathered the best examples/cases on people management from companies like Zappos, InterContinental, Facebook, Disney and adapted them for the Ukrainian reality, put our soul into them and came up with an excellent scheme, implementing which will be most pleasant to anyone!

03 - Management Systems







Happy clients

04 - Advantages

What will you get in our

Up-to-day vision, knowledge and instruments how to work with the personnel, based on experience of Google, Zappos, InterContinental, Facebook and other companies.
Your own tailor-made system that fits your business and results in happy, motivated and committed employees.
Business growth
Loyal clients
Ready-made operating procedures in:
Employee Experience

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05 - Coach

Business trainer -
Tatyana Petrukha

  • бизнес тренер;
  • Trainer in 5* hotel brand of the InterContinental Hotels Group that takes leading positions in guest satisfaction surveys;
  • Certified SQI trainer (Service Quality Institute by John Tschohl);
  • Participant of the learning projects by Zappos;
  • Specialist in building up service culture in various organizations.

Favourite sources for learning: Harvard Manage Mentor, Disney University

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Tatyana Petrukha


06 - Our Clients

Tatyana is
trusted by

07 - Reviews

Feedback from
our students


Svetlana Mironova

Co-Founder, Managing Partner at La Famiglia

I went through this course with pleasure. It was useful both for me as a managing partner and for the HR Manager of the company. Tatyana/Tatiana explained the understanding of up-to-date HR functions very clearly and in a well-structured way, providing real life examples and recommendations from the western countries. Thanks to the training, I have gained understanding of how to set goals for department heads and how to evaluate effectiveness of different departments, whereas managers received practical tools for their work.


Alina Kachorovskaya/Kachorovskaia

CEO, Co-Owner of Kachorovska Atelier

Impressions from the course: it was an extremely important and a much needed experience! I felt as if in 6 classes I went through a 2-years course in a university. The course is very rich in information providing something new every minute. If, as an owner, you know nothing about HR – then this is a “must visit” course for you where you will discover another planet and will gain understanding of how to really care about your employees and make the world turn around them.


Viktoria Gerbich

Manager at MUST HAVE

I am very thankful to Tatyana Petrukha for her training. Her advice was very helpful for my work. As I am a new person to this sphere this training gave me a boost to learn something new. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and the information was very well perceived. I am extremely happy that I was lucky to attend this training by Tatyana.


Anna Polikarpova

HR Director at Oh My Look & G.Bar

I would call the training a meeting of colleagues who have a chance to share their experiences with reference to the existing practices in the world service companies. A big thanks to Tanya/Tania for laconicism, practical approach and comprehensiveness of the information provided. The training gave spice to some of the well-known processes which I took note of and which inspired me to adapt our processes to our company needs. I find it to be an added value that the business owner can spend time together with the HR and having a look at all the processes together. On top of that, when talking to the colleagues you understand that you’re not special in your cases and that they could be easier solved together. And thanks to Olya/Olia for coziness, warmth and always tasty food. Very tasty! To sum up, it was very useful, of great interest, at ease and very comfy.


Olga Polishchuk/Polischuk

Executive Director at Backstage beauty salon

The course has gone in one breath! Everything was clear, comprehensible and, what’s most important, you feel inspired and ready to move the mountains in building the right culture and structure in your company. Values, goals, ideas and engagement take their places and gain new priorities. This is one of not many courses that one can take once a year in order to get a new push to action. Thanks to Tatyana/Tatiana Petrukha for her love to what she’s doing and for sharing it with everyone around.


Alesya/Alesia Demenskaya/Demenskaia

HR Director at "Myastoriya"

I am very thankful for the experience, emotions and most importantly for interesting ideas! Learning in the business school will be useful to both experienced HR specialist and those who know little about it. I personally, despite my rich experience, got a lot of fresh and effective ideas. Thank you, Tatyana!


Aleksei/Aleksey Kamardin

Owner of BASSANO restaurant and pastry shop

I got to learn a lot of useful things when attending the school. But I think what was most important after the course is that the HR school provided me with a set of tools (documents, step-by-step instructions, etc.), thanks to which I can now more effectively and clearly give tasks to my employees. It also helps me to find the balance between employees’ wishes and expectation from the company and a quality result of work that they do.


Elena Koronotova

Co-Owner and Managing Partner at IDNT retail-marketing & design

For me the approach that the HR function in a company is built through its business values was very new and highly valuable. I’ve seen such an approach for the first time and I think it to be the base for successful companies and all creative businesses in the future. I loved the abundance of check-lists for all actors to the processes – HR personnel, new employees, managers, mentors. You can take it all and adapt to your needs. I liked examples from the leading foreign companies and now have food for thought and experience to borrow. Thank you very much!


08 - Schedule

13 И 15 October 2020
from 19:00 to 21:00

Module 1


The role of HR in a company even if there isn’t any:
• Upside-down management model
• Role and function of HR in a company

Module 2


Hiring new employees:
• Creating the profile of a perfect employee
• Candidate selection criteria
• Discussing 5 main criteria of the professional employer at the stage of hiring
• Creating the first impression by the employer and of a special hiring to your company
• Building the initial cooperation with the employee in the company (creating “employer + team + new employee” relationship)
• Creating a book for newcomers (what to include, what the main chapter should be, when it is to be given away)

Module 3


Role and types of learning in companies:
• Building a learning plan for every level of employees
• Reviewing the training cycle. Defining ways to check the quality of learning. Analyzing motivation and communication training needs

Module 4


• Types of communication with personnel and their goals
• Discussing how to build systematized communication between employees and managers
• Fixing the communication system in your company
• Learning the rule of providing feedback as an instrument of motivation and communication

Module 5


• Discussing if employees should be retained
• Clarifying basics of retention interview
• Creating check-lists when an employee is dismissed
• Creating individual Exit Interview


09 - Application



Course price:

UAH 7,500 (ONLINE)


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